English grammar -class 10th-prepositions Online Test

1.She jumped ------------the well.

2.He was walking------------------the road.

3.They ran --------------the field.

4.I met him----------------Tuesday.

5.He was born---------------------January,2008.

6.He lives---------------------------24 ModelTown

7.He didn't listen------------------my advicet

8.He called---------------------------me at 5p.m.

9.The thieves entered their house------------------------------the night.

10.I met him ---------------------------three O'clock.

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preposition is a word placed before a noun or noun equivalent to show its relation with some other word in the sentence.eg.
The book is ON the table,Imet him AT the bus stand,The pen is IN the drawer.eg-in,on,at to,below,above,with along,across,,into,through,


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