English Grammar -class 10th-modals Online Test

1.I--------------go there nex.t week

2.-----------------I come in,Sir.

3.It--------------------rain(distant possibility).

We-----------make mistakes.

He-------------------------do this work if he wanted.

6.----------------you teach me how to drive?

7.He -------------------not come here today.

I----------------never go there.

You------------------------------get a reward if you finish this job in time.

10.You--------not go out of the room.

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english practice paper-grammar-class 10th


Kantipudi Siddarth

not criticizing the website or you just suggesting that u might wanna tell us that what tense u want us to change it into.

1962 days 16 hours 48 minutes ago


reframe the following sentence. Try our homemade pies------ you"ll never get better

2402 days 15 hours 50 minutes ago

Aftab Hraun


2611 days 1 hours 47 minutes ago

Ratna Sarma
Ratna Sarma-
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