Software Testing Interview Question and Answer

What is White Box Testing?

What is Verification?

What is Validation?

What is Unit Testing?

What is Testing?

What is Smoke Testing?

What is Regression Testing?

What is Performance Testing?

What is Beta Testing?

What is Black Box Testing?

What is Acceptance Testing?

What is CMM?

What is Defect?

What is Bug?

What is End-to-End testing?

What is Positive Testing?

What is Testability?

What is basis for test case review?

What are the contents of SRS documents?

Explain your web application architecture?

Explain about Bug life cycle?

How many test cases can you write per a day, an average figure?

What is the Defect Life Cycle?

Who will assign severity & priority?

What is the difference between bug, error and defect?

What is difference between desktop and web application?

What is a broken link in web testing and how test it?

What is security/penetration testing?

What is Data Flow Diagram?

What is Dependency Testing?

What is Glass Box Testing?


Software Testing Interview Question and Answer
This is for most of asked by company and it is really very basic concept.
Here i'm putting 30 questions and time limit for 40.
most useful for Fresher and exp both.
Take Test and get your Result.
Best of Luck to ALL. :)

Sandeep QA
Software Quality Assurance.

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