Sarf Level One Review Quiz: Including conjugation of the Mudhaari` Online Test

What is the technical meaning of Sarf?

How many forms of the three letter verb in the Mudaari’ are there in the Arabic language?

True or False: The times are of three: The Maadhee, The Mudaari’, and the Amr

True or False: Laamul- kalimah of the Mudaari’ always has a dhammah.

True or False: The letters of the Mudaari’ are four: The alif, the noon, the yaa' and the taa'

True or False: The noon in ‘Yansurna’ is a grammatical sign (i.e. points out to a certain grammatical state).

What are the steps to change the Maadhee into the Mudaari’ (using the common example ‘he did’ to ‘he does’)?

Which of the following form(s) in the ghaa'ib (spoken about) are the same in picture as the Mutakallim (spoken to)?

How many different dhamaa-ir (p. of dhameer) are attached to the mudaari’ expressing the doer, and which are they?

How do we say: “They (female) worship?"

How do you say: “You (female) hit?"

How do we say: “They (males/mix) slaughter?"

How do we say: “We look?”

How do we say: “They both (females) feel?”

How do we say: “You all (males/mix) give victory?”


As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

This small review quiz covers general information from the Intensive Sarf Revision Course and includes conjugating the forms of the mudhaari` and some vocabulary. Students may access past recordings from this link:


Ummu Abdurrahman

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sisters, JazakunaAllahu khayran for the quizes. I have a doubt in the 8th question, at the end>

you said mutakalim (spoken to). is mutakalim the speaker, and the spoken to is al mukhataab, right ??

3379 days 7 hours 13 minutes ago

Zohra bintou khaled Al Jazairiyah

Asalamou aleikoum wa rahmatoulALlah,
Excellent another!! yalah tawakul ALlaah let take it !!!!
BaarakALlaou feekoum ya akhawate filah.

3379 days 22 hours 9 minutes ago

zaiba bint hashim

Asslamaualaiakaum warahamathullahi wabarakathu .. barakallahu feekoum !!

just wondering in question 9 - isn't tha ul faail missing in the answer?

3379 days 23 hours 1 minutes ago

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