Child Development Infants and Toddlers Online Test

Identify the feature that is not an indication of High Quality Home Care

Identify those things that provide stimulation for the child

A child's play environment in quality home care is one in which it is safe and free of hazzards

Which of the following indicate that developmentally appropriate child care is being provided?

Which of the following is an appropriate response to the toddler by the caregiver

Which of the followoing is not a theory of Language Development

About what age do we expect the infant to make vowel like sounds and babble and coo?

How many stages of language development does a child need to master.

In what stage of language development the child needs to master the following skills

Expressive Language- three word sentences

Sentences become more gramatically correct

Words have ing added to them

Child expands the two word sentences such as e.g Mommy going

Receptive Language - comprehension and social interaction increase

Whic of the following menus would be suitable lunch for a 2 year old child?

At what age should the child be helped to brush their teeth twice per day?

How many hours per day do toddlers usually sleep?

Which of the following are not a signs of autisim?

Which of the following are not considered cognitve milestones for the two year old?

How would you stimulate brain development in the toddler?

Which of the following are not language developmental milestones?

Which of the following is not a language milestone?

Which of the following are the Social Milestones that the toddler is expected to master?

Identify those activities that stimulate brain growth for the toddler?

Which of the following can Caregivers use to support the toddlers brain development?


This course is designed to have the participant understand how children develop as Infants and Toddlers. The Caregiver will become familiar with the tasks to be mastered at each level. The participant will become aware of what constitute developmentally appropriate activities for children at these stages.

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