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Miss Universe 2013 is Olivia Culpo.. She is from which Country?

Park Gun hye is the first ever elected female President of Which country??

M.S. Gopalkrishna Died Recently is related to which Field??

Recently, Newly appointed Chairman of Law commission of india?

MAhatam Gandhi gram basti yojna Is started in Which State?

Border between India and Myanmaar is Known as?

Polo Game origante from Which State of india?

Shivanasamudra Falls is on which river??

Agra city is founded by.....?

Ranjhi trophy 2013 is 40th Ranjhi trophy tournament is Won by??

Long Walk to freedom Book Written by....?

World Water day is Observed on........?

Wrold press Freedom list, India Rank....... out of 179 countries..???

Which Sate has acheived highest growth rate in Year 2012?

Janipath award 2011 is given to.....?

Who is appointed head of 14th Finance commission?

State Which have no Railway Line.?

Recently 100 th science congress Held in which city?

Ranjit Sagar dam is on Which river?

India Only state Where there is no women working MLA?


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