Spanish Around the World Chapter 1 Lessons 1-5 Online Test

Complete the dialogue

¡Juan: Hola Miguel! ¿Como estas?

Miguel: Estoy bien. ¿y tú?

Juan: Estoy bien. Gracias. Soy de Puerto Rico. ¿De ______ ____ _____?

If you are bastante bien, you are:


The two ways are saying "you" in Spanish are:

Which of the following articles is true for the word "casa?"

In Spanish nouns have _______.

The formal word for "you" is tú.

I want to use the word "you" with my grandma. Which version do I use?

What is an un-married young woman?

Define the word "mal."

How should I ask my professor how he is?

If someone says, "Me llamo Juan." what is the question they are responding to?

Buenos días means

Hola means

The opposite of "gracias" is

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This test covers the vocabulary and grammar for Chapter 1 and Live Lessons for Spanish Around the World. There is no time limit. It is strictly for your own gauge to help you determine how well you are learning Spanish and meeting your goals. It is best to take the live class before taking the test.



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