Child Development - Infants Online Test

How can the Teacher/Caregiver support and encourage interactions in a group situation that enhance language and communication skills.

When making time for one and one interactions

How should you ensure that children learn to give and take turns?

Creative questions encourage children to be creative with the use of language. What question is not a creative one?

How can we help children become equal partners in verbal conversations?

How can we use questions to keep the child engaged in conversation

When we ask chidlren to share what is on their mind we are encouraging which of the following

Why would the teacher/caregiver set up an activity in which the interaction has the child as an active participant?

When we have a child centered classroom we let the child lead. What are the things we must do inorder for this to occur?

When you are listening to the child what does this mean?


This is the end of the unit on Infants

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