WAVES Online Test

Find the fundamental frequency of a closed pipe, if the length of the air column is 42 m. (speed of sound in air = 332 m/s) ____.
2 Hz
4 Hz
7 Hz
9 Hz
If v is the speed of sound in air then the shortest length of the closed pipe which resonates to a frequency n ____.
If the velocity of sound in air is 336 m/s. The maximum length of a closed pipe that would produce a just audible sound is ____.
3.2 cm
4.2 m
4.2 cm
3.2 m
A closed organ pipe and an open organ pipe are tuned to the same fundamental frequency. What is the ratio of lengths?
1 : 2
2 : 1
2 : 3
4 : 3
Two closed pipe produce 10 beats per second when emitting their fundamental nodes. If their length are in ratio of 25: 26. Then their fundamental frequency in Hz, are ____.
270, 280
260, 270
260, 250
260, 280
A source of sound placed at the open end of a resonance column sends an acoustic wave of pressure amplitude  inside the tube. If the atmospheric pressure is  then the ratio of maximum and minimum pressure at the closed end of the tube is ____.
Two closed organ pipes, when sounded simultaneously gave 4 beats per sec. If longer pipe has a length of 1m. Then length of shorter pipe is, (v = 300 m/s) ____.
185.5 cm
94.9 cm
90 cm
80 cm
A cylindrical tube, open at both ends, has a fundamental frequency  in air. The tube is dipped vertically into water such that half of its length is inside water. The fundamental frequency of the air column now is ____.
A resonance air column of length 20 cm resonates with a tuning fork of frequency 250 Hz. The speed of sound in air is ____.
300 m/s
200 m/s
150 m/s
75 m/s
An organ pipe  closed at one end vibrating in its first overtone and another pipe  open at both ends vibrating in its third overtone are in resonance with a given tuning fork. The ratio of lengths of  and  is ____.
1 : 2
1 : 3
3 : 8
3 : 4




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