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Please identify some of the theorists of the mid twentieth century

Who is the theorist who is credited with our understanding of cultural infoluences on the development of the child

The following are important terms and concepts in Child Development. Identify the one that is not applicable.

When we consider Biological and Evironmental foundations we are not speaking about the following

Fraternal twins are the result of more than one ova. What is the cause of identical twins?

There are dominant and recessive diseases that are found in infants. Which of the following is not such as a disease.

How are harmful genes created?

Identify a common chromosomal disorder.

Which of the folllowing are prenatal diagnostic methods?

What are the ways that individuals may have children.

What is Genetic Counseling?

Please identify the term or concept that is not related to Biological and Environment Foundations of Development

When a baby is seen by the health care provider what are those things that are of no interest to the individual?

The child should receive most of his/her immunizations by the following

Children are immunized against fourteen major diseases. Which of the following is not included.

The Academy of Pediatricians rec. that infants receive breast milk for the first year of life. They however recognize that this may not be possible and rec. a minimum time for breast feeding . What is that minimum?

Several Hormones work together to ensure that the infant receives milk. Identify the hormones.

There are a number of reasons why a breast fed infant may be uncomfortable and fussy. identify those things that may distress the infant.

When the infant is bottle fed there are often additions to the formulae What are these?

An infant needs to establish trust between caregiver and child. Please identify those things that will make the infant feel secure.

Identify some of the developmental milestones one may expect an infant to master.

Which of the following are the milestones for smell and touch

Which of the following would not require that a child be seen by the health care provider?

Which of the following are not signs of feeding difficulties

Which of the following are cause for concern in infants.


This course is designed to give participants an overview of the developmental tasks of the child in the early years.The Physical, Cognitive, Language and Social & Emotional Domains

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