In the motion of a projectile freely under gravity, its ____.
Total energy is conserved
Momentum is conserved
Energy and momentum both are conserved
None is conserved
A metal rod moves at a constant velocity in a direction perpendicular to its length. A constant uniform magnetic field exists in space in a direction perpendicular to the rod as well as its velocity. Select the correct statement(s) from the following ____.
The entire rod is at the same electric potential
There is an electric field in the rod
The electric potential is highest at the centre of the rod and decreases towards its ends
The electric potential is lowest at the centre of the rod and increases towards its ends
A conducting wire is dropped along east-west direction, then ____.
No emf is induced
No induced current flows
Induced current flows from west to east
Induced current flows from east to west
A coil of N turns and mean cross-stional area A is rotating with uniform angular velocity ( about an axis at right angle to uniform magnetic field B. The induced e.m.f. E in the coil is ____.
NBA sin(t
NB ( sin(t
NB/A sin(t
NBA ( sin(t
A conducting square loop of side l and resistance R moves in its plane with a uniform velocity v perpendicular to one of its sides. A magnetic induction B constant in time and space, pointing perpendicular and into the plane at the loop exists everywhere with half the loop outside the field, as shown in figure. The induced e.m.f. is ____. 
A horizontal straight conductor kept in north-south direction falls under gravity, then ____.
A current is induced from South to North
A current is induced from North to South
No induce e.m.f. along the length of conductor
An induced e.m.f. is generated along the length of conductor
A rectangular coil of 300 turns has an average area of average area of  The coil rotates with a speed of 50 cps in a uniform magnetic field of strength  about an axis perpendicular of the field. The peak value of the induced e.m.f. is (in volt) ____.
A rod of length 20 cm is rotating with angular speed of 100 rps in a magnetic field of strength 0.5 T about it’s one end. What is the potential difference between two ends of the rod ____.
2.28 V
4.28 V
6.28 V
2.5 V
A straight conductor of length 0.4 m is moved with a speed of 7 m/s perpendicular to the magnetic field of intensity of 0.9 Wb/m2. The induced e.m.f. across the conductor is ____.
7.25 V
3.75 V
1.25 V
2.52 V
The magnetic induction in the region between the pole faces of an electromagnet is 0.7 weber/m2. The induced e.m.f. in a straight conductor 10 cm long, perpendicular to B and moving perpendicular both to magnetic induction and its own length with a velocity 2 m/s is ____.
0.08 V
0.14 V
0.35 V
0.07 V




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