Families and Culture Online Test

Identify the statement that is not rewarding when we work with parents?

Fanilies are a source of learning. What are some of the things that storytelling help children learn?

Identify an activity that is not a stressor on parents

In the interdependent stage parents which of the following is something parents do not usually do?

Which of the following is not a variation of the family?

Which or the following are not topics related to parenting and disciplining of children that parents express and interest in/

Which of the following topic is not related to discipline and parenting

When providing information to parents which of the following is not helpful?

Which of the following do not describe problematic parents identified by Currans?

Children who are not nutured and who have not had their needs met

When we work with parents we should be aware of the following


Participants may take this test to asses their knowledge of families and culture as it pertains to the early childhood population.The test will cover the following areas- obligations of adults have toward children the tasks and Stages of parenthood,the stressors on families, the parts of social services and child welfare and family law that affects how adults care for and manage the lives of children.

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