IBPS Specialist Officer - IT Officer (Database) Online Test

The rule that requires that each non-key field (attribute) should be fully functionally dependent on the primary key.

The _________ function helps reduce the need to use multiple OR conditions.

Identify the language which is used to specify database schema.

Revoke is a __________ Statement

Truncate command response time is ____ as compared to Delete command.

Data redundancies produce unusual and undesirable data management problems caused by __________.

Which model operates at the lowest level of abstraction?

A________is used to maintain a connection between the users of the database system.

A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a __.

Each row in the relational table is known as an entity ____.

Which model represents the end user’s view of the database?

The referential integrity rule requires that ____.

A ____ is any key that identifies each entity uniquely. It functionally determines all of the entity’s attributes.

B+ trees are preferred to binary tress in databases because

In the DBMS approach, application programs perform the


This test is generated for those who look for some take on before real one .
Truly i have tried my best to cover some good questions ,So have patience while taking the test ,make sure you are targeting to do it within 20 minutes.
So best of luck guys...



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IBPS Specialist Officer/IT officer exam is in january 2017. candidates who are interested in this Exam, they should have good Professional knowledge. There are so many different posts available in IBPS SO like - scale 1 & Scale 2 jobs.
For the Scale - 2 Officers the educational criteria is same the additional criteria is required. the posts are - Marketing Officer, HR/Personnel Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Manager Credit/ Finance Executive, Chartered Accountant, Law Officer, IT Officer & many other.

visit here for more information - <a href="https://www.eduncle.com/ibps-so-and-it-officer-recruitment-exam">IBPSSee more

2173 days 17 hours 13 minutes ago


This Is scale 2 Q

3111 days 3 hours 38 minutes ago


Good one sir

3126 days 8 hours 19 minutes ago


very good! Gate preparators have it bit easy in IBPS SO i guess.

3137 days 12 hours 28 minutes ago

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