IBPS Specialist Officer - IT Officer SET-2 Online Test

If you wish to extend the length of the network without having the signal degrade, you would use a ………………

When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes ………………

A term related to sending data to a satellite is ………………

What is usually used for displaying information at public places ?

Executing more than one program concurrently by one user on one computer is known as ………………

____ is known as network virus.

A message with replies on a newsgroup is often, called a-

Disk access time is-

A Public Switched-Telephone Network (PSTN) uses ____ switching technique.

Binary coded decimal (BCD) numbers express each decimal digitals as ____________.

Integrated circuits are classified according to the

Transistorized computer circuit were introduced in the

When you start spelling checker, it starts checking the spellings

In C, An array that uses more than two subscripts is known as

In MS-DOS ,which command is used to undelete a bunch of files with extension doc that you have just deleted

At which OSI layer does data translation and code formatting occur?

Purpose of PC (Program Counter) in a Microprocessor is

The windows registry consists of which two files?

In the following the fastest computer constituent is

To maximize or restore a selected window


This test is generated for those who look for some take on before real one .
Truly i have tried my best to cover some good questions ,So have patience while taking the test ,make sure you are targeting to do it within 20 minutes.
So best of luck guys...



a lot of answers are wrong .
and after test you showed my result 11 /20 correct
but when i reviewed it , 16/20 were correct .

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