Sense Organs Online Test

sequence of eye covering (outer to inner) is

the eye membrane which prevents the reflection of the extra light withing the eye, by absorbing it is called

where the optic nerve leaves the eye, the retina has no rods and cones and the images falling in this area cannot be perceived. this area is referred to as the

rheoreceptors are receptors for

cornea transplantation is successful as cornea is

proprioreceptors are

the part of eye acting as diaphragm of a camera is

disorder of eye is only associated with old age

sensation of stomach pain is due to

algesi receptors are concerned with


this test is a multiple choice question type online examination indented to know their sense organs preparation in medical entrance examinations
welcome to write anyone
sense organs like receptors, eye, ear and tongue

photo receptors
phono receptors
gustatory receptors


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