1. Oxygenated blood is pumped to the entire body from the part labelled ____ in the digram.

2. The part labelled I in the digram below is _________

3. The organelle involved in tissue respiration is the ____________.

4. On what structure are the units of inheritance situated?

5. A tissue can best be defined as

6. In which of these features do bryophytes differ from pteridophytes?

7. Which is the correct order in an evolutionary sequence for the following plant groups.

8. In Amoeba, osmoregulation is carried out by the

9. Which of the following are non-green plants?

10. Angiosperms and gymnosperms belong to the plant group known as

11. In which of the following vertebrates does the skin function as a respiratory Surface?

12. Which of the following insects lay it eggs in hormy, purse like case?

13. In a typical fresh water habitat, the edge of the stream or pond constitutes the ………

14. The main ecological problem facing intertidal organism is

15. Which of the following biomass could be characterized by very low rainfall, cold nights, hot days and fast blooming plants?

16. Sex of the child is determined by

17. Humain insulin is being commercially produced from a transgenic species of

18. In fresh water marshes and swamps, the must important biotic factor that organisms have to adapt to is

19. Low annual rainfall, sparse vegetation, high diurnal temperatures and cold nights are characteristic features of the

20. particular trait which is dominant in male if in the next experiment is carried on in female such cross is called.

21. The type of joint between adjacent bones in the part labeled II in the diagram below is the

22. The group of insects that unglergose compute metamorphosis is

23. The nitrogenous substance that is excreted by birds in order to conserve water is

24. Which of the following structure is capable of producing more tissues in the stem of a herbaceous flowering plant?

25. Double fertilization was discovered by

26. Aids was reported in

27. Which of the following is not a hereditary disease?

28. which one of the following depresses brain activity and produces feelings of calmness, relaxation and drowsiness?

29. Antibodies in our body are complex

30. A cometitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase is

31. Vacuole in a plant cell:

32. The manufacture of carbohydrates by plants takes place only in

33. In woody stems, gaseous exchange takes place through the

34. Substances manufactured by the leaves are transported to another parts of the plant through the

35. The scapula and the ischium are part of the

36. Bacteria in the large intestine of man are important in the

37. The average number of individuals of a species per unit area of the habitat is the

38. Which of the following group of environmental factors are density-dependent

39. A seedling grown in the dark is likely to be

40. The enzyme invertase will hydrolyze sucrose to give

41. The addition of lime to clayey soil serves to

42. The excessive use of agro-chemicals could lead to the pollution of

43. The best method of propagating sugar cane is by

44. In mammalian males, the excretory and reproductive systems share the

45. The type of reproduction that is common to both hydra and yeast is

46. From the diagram below the economic importance of the larva is that it

47. The types of adaptation shown by the larva in the diagram below is

48. Sympatric isolation is which type of behavior?

49. Co-discoverer of Darwinsim was

50. Mechanism of uric acid excretion in a nephron is of


This test is aimed at testing the general knowledge of students who intends to study medicine. It is a time base drill which will help determine the student IQ of solving problem within the shortest time. This drill is open to science students from around the world.


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