Corporate Finance for BAT/CFA Online Test

Which of the following actions would most likely have a positive influence on shareholder value?

Which of the following firms is most likely to have a board of directors that considers the best interest of all shareholders?

The underlying cause of ranking conflicts between the net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) methods is the underlying assumption related to the:

Financing costs for a capital project are:

Which of the following statements about the cost of capital is CORRECT?

What is the earliest day on which an investor can currently purchase Amex, Inc., if the investor wants to avoid receiving a dividend and thereby avoid paying tax on the distribution, if the date of record is Thursday, October 31?

Which of the following would NOT be a good source for information about a company’s proxy voting rules?

Which one of the following statements about the marginal cost of capital (MCC) is most accurate?

Which of the following sources of short-term liquidity is considered reliable enough that it can be listed in the footnotes to a firm’s financial statements as a source of liquidity?

Which of the following is least likely to be considered a “best practice” regarding corporate governance?


This Test consists of 10 questions on Corporate Finance for BAT/CFA or any other entrance exam. All questions consists of 3 options & there is a time limit of 15 minutes to complete these 10 questions. There will be more upcoming tests so that students can prepare well for there targeted exams. Best of Luck.

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