Miscellaneous Test for BAT/CFA

Which of the following statements about proxy statements is least accurate? Proxy statements are:

Extraordinary items are:

Ajax Company has a simple capital structure. Which of the following will NOT be found on its balance sheet?

For a given lease payment and term, which of the following is least accurate regarding the effects of the classification of the lease as a finance lease as compared to an operating lease?

Using the lower of cost or market principle under U.S. GAAP, if the market value of inventory falls below its historical cost, the minimum value at which the inventory can be reported in the financial statements is the:

The statement of changes in equity is least likely to provide information on the firm’s:

The asset or liability reported on the balance sheet for a defined benefit plan is equal to the plan’s funded status under:

According to Standard III(A) Loyalty, Prudence and Care, brokerage is an asset of the:

Which of the following are the two most important tools available to the Federal Reserve?

Consider a corporate bond with a yield of 6.8% and a municipal bond (with equivalent risk) with a 4.9% yield. Which of the following statements is most accurate?


This Test consists of 10 questions on Miscellaneous topics for BAT/CFA or any other entrance exam. All questions consists of 3 options & there is a time limit of 20 minutes to complete these 10 questions. There will be more upcoming tests so that students can prepare well for there targeted exams. Best of Luck.

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