Economics for BAT/CFA Online Test

Average weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance are classified as a:

Which of the following statements regarding marginal costs (MC) and average variable costs (AVC) is most accurate?

A market that is characterized by monopolistic competition is least likely to feature:

Which of the following most accurately describes the relationship between marginal cost (MC), average variable cost (AVC), marginal product (MP), and average product (AP)?

The short-run supply curve for a firm in a perfectly competitive market is equal to the firm's:

Under monopolistic competition, companies can earn positive economic profits in:

Under perfect competition, a firm will be inclined to increase output as long as which of the following conditions exists?

In the short run, if price is below average total cost (ATC) the firm will:

In a natural monopoly:

Under perfect competition, the short-run market supply curve is most accurately described by which of the following statements? The market short-run supply curve is the:


This Test consists of 10 questions on Derivatives for BAT/CFA or any other entrance exam. All questions consists of 3 options & there is a time limit of 20 minutes to complete these 10 questions. There will be more upcoming tests so that students can prepare well for there targeted exams. Best of Luck. Also, check out the Bloomberg Assessment Test Prep (BAT) from Shivgan Joshi as well.


Shivgan Joshi

I am sorry for the mistake it's a test for Economics instead of Derivatives as written in the description.

3259 days 15 hours 53 minutes ago

Shivgan Joshi
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