Mental Ability - for NTSE Online Test

Q.1 If south east become North, North - East becomes west and so on. What will west become?

A dog is taken out every evening by the owner whose house faces EAST. They walk 200m west, then 500m in the South. In which direction should they take to go home?

Transistor is related to radio in the same way telivision is related to_________?

Choose the odd one out

Which one is like Honesty, Credibility and Relibility ?

If FOX is coded as GHPQYZ, then how would you write BOAT ?

the next term in the series is.. 5, 14, 41, 122, 365, ?

17, 19, 15, 23, 7, 39, ?

Bird : Cage : :



This test contains mental ability questions for the studrnts preparing for NTSE. Students who are preparing for NTSE , should give this test , scoring 90 % marks in this test will surely make you get good marks in NTSE (MAT portion) . You can give this test but don't give it twice as it is useless . Prepare for MAT and then give this test, it will tell that where are you standing at present..



I join with anusha's question

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hey can any one explain me the logic behind the "odd one out"?

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hey can any1 tel me 3rd one ????

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