Mechanical engineering: Force Online Test

Two bodies of masses m and 2m are dropped from the top of a building. When these bodies reach the ground, their kinetic energies will be in the ratio
1 : 2
1 : 4
1 : 1
A cricket ball thrown vertically upwards. The total energy (sum of kinetic and potential energies) will be
least at the ground while going up
maximum at the maximum height reached
maximum at mid way while ascending
same throughout the flight.
A heavier weight and a light weight have equal kinetic energies. Then
both have equal linear momentums
heavier weight will have greater linear momentum
lighter weight will have greater linear momentum
comparison cannot be made on the basis of given data
Two particles with masses in the ratio 1:4 are moving with equal kinetic energies. The magnitude of their linear momentums will confirm to the ratio
1 : 8
1 : 2
4 : 1
The kinetic energy of a body is stated to increase by 300 percent. The corresponding increase in momentum of the body will be
300 percent
A body has linear momentum P and translational kinetic energy E. If momentum becomes 2P, the kinetic energy will have the value
0.5 E
4 E
A rocket consumes fuel at the rate of 100 kg/s and the exhaust gases are ejected at a speed of 45 km/s. The rocket would then experience a thrust (in MN) equal to

this paper has 7 questions try completing them as soon as possible , approximately 10 minutes.

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