Beautiful Patience Mock Exam (Final) Online Test

Prophet Muhammad mentioned the greatest fitna left behind for the men. What is that fitna?

Why is the Aziz’s wife’s status mentioned when the scandal started to spread to the people?

Prophet Yusuf prayed to go to jail rather than do what the women asked of him

What articles of Faith did Prophet Yusuf mention when talking to the companions, while in jail?

Muslims should give dawah by first speaking about the controversial issues in Islam:

The brothers came home:

Beautiful Patience does not involve:

Yusuf became a prophet at a young age because Allah inspired him when he was in the well:

Prophet Yaqub thinks his other sons are evil:

In surah Yusuf, Allah mentioned His favor of which three men over all other people?

Which of these is not a source of dreams?

Surah Yusuf addresses which question of the Jews?

When was Surah Yusuf revealed to Prophet Muhammad?

Most of the stories in the Qur’an are from:

Tafsir bil Ra’y is always more reliable than Tafsir bil Ma’thur

Whose tafsir is considered tafsir bil ma’thur, because it contains others’ opinions?

What is Tafsir bil Ma’thur?

Who was among the first of the mufassireen?

How many verses at a time would the companions commit to studying together, before moving onto another set of verses?

Prophet Yusuf tells the two young men in prison about the oneness of Allah?

Who were the fathers (lineage) of Prophet Yusuf? (list from the earliest)

What was the interpretation of the dream in which the young man was pressing wine?

What should a community do if there is no one to turn to regarding tafsir?

It is a fard ‘ayn to study tafsir

“Ta’weel” is the preferred terminology for interpreting the Qur’an

The Prophet asked Allah to give which companion, ta’weel of the Qur’an?

The Prophet's Sunnah is also called:

All verses regarding halal v. haram issues are always clear.

The linguistic meaning of “tafsir” comes from the root word that means:

When the King called the women, the wife of the Aziz admitted that nothing happened but she blamed her nafs.

When Yusuf was released from jail, he asked the king to be put in charge of the store houses.

Which of the following is not a reason why Yusuf put his brothers’ merchandise back in their bags?

When the brothers arrived in Can’aan after getting grains from Egypt, they immediately unloaded their bags and went to their father

Yusuf hid the King’s goblet in Bin Yamin’s belongings

Which of the following is not a reason why the brothers were asked for the punishment of stealing according to their shari’ah?

From which country was the person who brought Prophet Yusuf (as) to live in his home?

Who was the witness who testified against the wife of the Azeez?

The fact that Prophet Yusuf’s shirt was torn from the front indicated that he was truthful and the wife of the Azeez was lying:

What did the women of the city say when they saw Prophet Yusuf?

Why did the women from the city cut their hands?

Why did Prophet Yusuf end up going to prison?

Who were the rulers of Egypt at the time that Yusuf was in jail?

Ghira is the only form of permissable jealosy:

What was Prophet Ya’qub’s mistake with loving his children?

Surah Yusuf is the only surah told in the Qur’an in its entirety:

Why were the two young men in prison with Prophet Yusuf imprisoned?

What was the interpretation of the dream in which the birds were eating bread from the head of the young man that was carrying it?

What did Prophet Yusuf tell the man who he knew would go free?

Why did Prophet Yusuf remain in prison for several more years after the young man from prison was released?

When the family of Yusuf prostrated to him, it was a prostration of Respect and allowed at that time:


Almaghrib Institute, the larges Islamic institute in North America, recently held a seminar in New Jersey, Beautiful Patience. Beautiful Patience is an Islamic seminar on the tafsir of Surah Yusuf. Although the Instructor will have his own actual exam, this is Durbah's mock exam to help prepare the students.

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