Reasoning - III for GMAT/GRE/BAT online Test

Statements: Some actors are singers. All the singers are dancers.


1. Some actors are dancers.

2. No singer is actor.

Statements: All the harmoniums are instruments. All the instruments are flutes.


1. All the flutes are instruments.

2. All the harmoniums are flutes.

Statements: Some mangoes are yellow. Some tixo are mangoes.


1. Some mangoes are green.

2. Tixo is a yellow.

Statements: Some ants are parrots. All the parrots are apples.


1. All the apples are parrots.

2. Some ants are apples.

Statements: All the actors are girls. All the girls are beautiful.


1. All the actors are beautiful.

2. Some girls are actors.

Statements: All the windows are doors. No door is a wall.


1. Some windows are walls.

2. No wall is a door.

Statements: All cups are books. All books are shirts.


1. Some cups are not shirts.

2. Some shirts are cups.

Statements: Some cows are crows. Some crows are elephants.


1. Some cows are elephants.

2. All crows are elephants.

Statements: Some papers are pens. All the pencils are pens.


1. Some pens are pencils.

2. Some pens are papers.

Statements: All the pencils are pens. All the pens are inks.


1. All the pencils are inks.

2. Some inks are pencils.


This Test consists of 10 questions on Reasoning (Part III) for BAT/GRE/GMAT or any other entrance exam. All questions consists of 4 options & there is a time limit of 15 minutes to complete these 10 questions. There will be more upcoming tests so that students can prepare well for there targeted exams. Best of Luck.


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