Pre Test for Class 5 (Polynomials and optimization)

p = [1 0 -2 -5];

What does this order suggests you about the polynomial?

The polyder function computes the derivative of any polynomial. To obtain the derivative of the polynomial p = [1 0 -2 -5],

q = polyder(p)

Optimization is made up of two pillars that are most often used.

They are:

x = fminsearch(@(x)sin(x^2), x0);

What will this function do

Anonymous function used in optimizations are

Anonymous Functions remains us which other toolbox

(in terms of applications of making code for black scholes)

[x,fval] = fminsearch(banana,[-1.2, 1])

What can we guess about banana from this syntex which computes the minimum values and the point at which they occur.

Banana is:

function_handle (@)

This term reminds you of?

Minimizing Functions of Several Variables

Which of them seems logical seems logical


This is a pre test for "Pre Test for Class 5 (Polynomials and optimization)"

Although the class will have MATLAB and Finance concepts this test focuses on MATALB.

Create Polynomial
Where to use polynomial

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