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Which of the following represent an example of Enterprise Environmental Factors?
Code of Conduct, Product Standards, Quality Standards
Existing facilities, capital equipment, political climate
Staffing and retention guidelines, market conditions, employee skills
None of the Above
All of the Above
Which statement about the role of a project manager is most true?
The project manager understanding of PM the tools and techniques for managing projects is sufficient for success
The Project Manager typically manages single-phase projects
The Project Manager is expected to manage project constraints and assigned resources to meet project objectives
Project managers can report to a functional manager
The role of the Project Management Office (PMO) includes all of the following except
Manage Projects
Act as key decision maker during the beginning of each project
Identify and develop project management methodology, best practices and standard
Focuses on specific project objectives
The PMBOK Guide identifies and describes generally recognized knowledge and good practices that are applicable to all projects, all of the time.”
All are characteristics of the product life cycle except:
Products are retired at the end of their life cycle
Phases are overlapping
Operations and development are part of the product life cycle
Phases are determined by the manufacturing and control need of the organization
A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a
Team Member
A group of related projects that are managed in a coordinated way that usually include an element of ongoing activity is called a
Project office
Group of projects
Major project
Your country has held the sport of bowling in high esteem ever since indigenous bowlers first introduced it to your region 3,000 years ago. You are the project manager for a government-approved national monument to the sport:, a marble-and-titanium structure in the form of a bowling pin. This monument is expected to last for centuries. In this situation, the concept of being temporary, which is part of the definition of a project..?
Does not apply because the project will have a lasting result
Recognizes that the project team will outlive the actual project
Does not apply to the product to be created
Does not apply because the project will not be short in duration
You are a project manager working for a large utility company. You have been assigned the responsibility to manage a project that performs monthly security vulnerability assessments and addresses any identified vulnerabilities. You question the assignment because
Security vulnerability assessments do not materially contribute to your organization’s products and should not be considered important enough to be classified as a project.
This endeavor cannot be considered a project because no start dare is specified.
The recurring nature of the assessment with no ending date means this endeavor is not a project at all.
Because a security vulnerability assessment produces no specific product, it is not a project.
There are two processes in the initiating process group. These are part of which knowledge area?
Project Scope Management
Project Time Management
Project Cost Management
Project Integration Management
The end result of a project can be
A individual product or a componet of another item
A service
A result or outcome
All of the above
The PMBOK guide describes Project Management fundamentals as 'good practice,' what are they are referring to
It does a PM good to practice the processes described in the guide over and over until they get it right.
Project Managers should only practice the good portions of the guide, and ignore the bad portions.
It takes many years of continual practice for a Project Manager to become good at their job.
A general agreement about the correct application of the skills, tools and techniques for projects.
When the PMBOK guide refers to 'Generally Recognized' does this mean
Most industry leaders recognize the guide as the standard for Project Management processes.
Project Managers are typically recognized for their efforts in a company
The guide contains knowledge and practices that apply to most projects most of the time
Most people know what the guide is talking about
Which of the following is not a project?
Running an election campaign for a political candidate.
Building a bridge over a river.
Pilot aircraft for a United flight.
Writing a book on Project Management.
You can generally say the following is true except
The project charter identifies major task interdependencies
The project charter includes the product description
The project charter defines the business need(s) that the project was untaken to address
The project charter is issued by a manger external to the project
Progressive elaboration refers to
The length of time it takes a project to complete
The reason that projects are often delayed
The method used to develop the project charter
A technique used to continously improve and refine the project plan
What is the purpose of the Portfolio Review Board
To act as the project selection panel
To manage multiple project portfolios
To approve change requests
To audit project documents and project status
Project Management is
A major component of quality
The application of knowledge, skills tools and techniques to meet requirements
The application of expert opinion, the scope document and planning phase to exceed stated requirements
The assignment of a PMP to lead a project
What is the role of the project sponsor
To authorize changes in the scope
Serves as the point of contact for escalations
Provides financial resouces for the for the project
All of the above
Coordinating and managing related projects is often a task of
The project manager
The Program Manager
When the PMBOK describes a project as being 'temporary' it means that
Will last for at least a year.
Most people that start a project will not be assigned to it when it finishes.
It has a definite beginning and end.
The product produced will not last forever.


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