November General Awareness Online Test

Which is the latest model launched by Volkswagen in India?

Who has been recently appointed as the CBI Director for next two years in Nov 2012 ?

. ”World Diabetes Day” is observed on which of the date?

By which rate Industrial production declines by 0.4 % in September?

How many countries participated in “World Cup Kabaddi” 2012?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered India’s growth forecast to ….. for the current financial year 2012-2012?

Which India born professor won the US Professor of the year award 2012 in Nov 2012?

Hamid Karzai has recently visited India in November 2012.He is the President of which country?

Which country won the Davis cup 2012?

Shiv Sena chief and founder B.Thackeray passed away in Nov 2012.He has started his career as a cartoonist with which newspaper?

Who has been named as the new CEO of spencers in NOV 2012?

India’s GDP growth for the second quarter (July-September) of the current financial year 2012-2012 stood at?

21st ASEAN summit was conducted recently in which country?

Which country has recently tested N-Capable Haft –V missile?

India Navy has conducted joint exercise INDIAEX 2012 with which country?

Which Indian E-Gov Project won CSI –Nihilent E-Governance award for excellence in 2012?

Miss Earth 2012 winner is……

When was electronic Bank Realisation Certificates (eBRCs) to exporters introduced?

Who is the new chairman of Tata Powers?

How many countries are there in ASEAN?

Total amount that India will receive via remittance in financial year 2012 ?

What is the name of new party formed by social activist and anti corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal?

Who is the new executive director of IMF board?

Apart from perambur and Kapurthala where is the third rail coach factory recently inaugurated by congress president?


The general awareness question is made form the News Capsule of November Month. The expected time for the test is 6 minutes and answers can be check by downloading the capsule form
It is highly recommended that instead of checking the answer review the test once more and then try to Google the answer of unattempted ones.

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