Indian Nationalist movement: Pre congress nationalist organizations Online Test

Land holders society was formed in ___.

The British India society was formed in _______

The _________ was formed in 1851 with the amalgamation of Land holders society and British India society.

The _____ is the earliest organization in Bengal.

The news paper _______ was owned by British India association.

The first president of British India association was ________

The first secretary of British India association was _______

British India association sent its first petition to the British parliament in _____

Charter act is of _____

Bombay association formed in ______

Madras native association was formed in ____

In 1866, with the initiative of ______, the East Indian association was founded in London, to present the correct information on India to the British public and parliament.

East India association opened branches in Bombay, Calcutta and Madras in ____

The National Indian Association was founded in 1867 by _______.

The Indian society was established in 1873 by _________ in London.

Justice Ranade and others organized the ______ in the 1870s.

The nationalists of Bengal, S.N. Bannerji and Anand Mohan Bose founded the _____ in 1876.

M. Viraraghavachariar, G. Subramaniya Iyer, P. Anand Chandu and others formed the ______in 1884.

K T Telang and Pherozshah Mehta formed the ______ in 1885.

The ________ was by far the most important pre congress nationalist organization.

The objective of Indian association was ________

The '______' was a daily news paper founded by S.N. Bannerji.

The very first issue the Bengalee news paper took up was _____

In 1878, the government has reduced the maximum age limit for the civil service from ________ to 19.

The Vernacular press act and Arms act were the reactionary measures of ___________.

The _________ of 1878 provided for the confiscation of printing press, paper and other assets of a news paper.

The ______ of 1878 aimed at disarming the Indian people.

Ilbert bill of 1883 was made by _____

The Indian association summoned an All India national Conference in _________

Second session of all India national conference was held at ________ in December 1885.

First session of Indian national congress was held at __________ in 1883.

As both the All India national Conference and Indian National Congress were organized on the same lines, both were merged in ____________

The '_________' became an English language news paper in 1878.


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charter acts are in 1813 and 1833 only

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