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RIP is based on

Which of the following is an exterior routing protocol

OSPF is based on

BGP is based on

Which of the following are the examples of routed protocol

How many IP addresses are available to a company with class B address?

A subnet mask is the portion of an IP address that identifies

FTP is


Firewall is


A computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.Where at least one process in one device is able to send/receive data to/from at least one process residing in a remote device, then the two devices are said to be in a network. A network is a group of devices connected to each other. Networks may be classified into a wide variety of characteristics, such as the medium used to transport the data, communications protocol used, scale, topology, benefit, and organizational scope.


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switch and router use

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mangan (Mn), Fosfor (P), dan belerang (S). Unsur-unsur tersebut harus dalam kadar tertentu,
sesuai dengan sifat-sifat yang dikehendaki, secara garis besar besi teknik terbagi

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dan ketertahanan terhadap pengaruh luar (korosi, aus, bahan kimia, suhu tinggi dan sebagainya).

Besi teknis selalu tercampur dengan unsure-unsur lain misalnya karbon (C), silicon (Si),

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