Adwords Test - For GAP Tryers who need Extra Choices

If your Quality Score improves, you're likely to see a low First Page Bid estimate.

A low CTR can indicate poor performance on and other Search Networks.

If there is overlap between your negative and regular keywords, the negative keyword will block your regular keywords from showing.

Note that once you have linked an Analytics and AdWords account - the time zone in Google Analytics will automatically take that of the AdWords Account (if they are different).

The match type defines how Google Analytics identifies a goal or funnel step. You have three choices for the Match Type option.

Head Match is the default. It indicates that the URL of the page visited must match what you enter for the Goal URL, but if there is any additional data at the end of their URL then the goal will still be counted. For example, some websites append a product ID or a visitor ID or some other parameter to the end of the URL. Head Match will ignore these. Another example is to have every page in a subdirectory to be counted as a goal. You could enter the subdirectory as the goal and select Head Match.

Exact Match means that the URL of the page visited must exactly match what you enter for the Goal URL. In contrast to Head Match, which can be used to match every page in a subdirectory, Exact Match can only be used to match one single page. For example, Exact Match does not match the second pageview, '/offer1/signup.html?query=hats,' because of the extra query parameter at the end.

Regular Expression Match gives you the most flexibility. For example, if you want to count any sign-up page as a goal, and sign-up pages can occur in various subdirectories, you can create a regular expression that will match any sign-up page in any subdirectory. Regular Expressions will be covered in a later module.

The 'Goal Value' field allows you to specify a monetary value for goal. You should only do this for non e-commerce goals. By setting a goal value, you make it possible for Google Analytics to calculate metrics like average per-visit-value and ROI. These metrics will help you measure the monetary value of a non e-commerce site.

Google Analytics filters provide you with an extremely flexible way of defining what data is included in your reports and how it appears.

Every set of goals in a Google Analytics profile allows you to create up to five goals. You can create up to 20 goals total, or five goals for each of the four sets.

Map Overlay: Use this map to visualize volume (visits, pageviews) and quality (pageviews per visit, conversion rates, per visit value, etc.) metrics by geographic region. Click on any region to zoom into the city level.


This is a multiple choice test.
Click the Start Test button below to start.
A question and the possible answer choices appear. Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question.
Use Next and Back buttons to move on to the next or previous question in the test.
There is no negative marking for wrong choices selected.
After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard.
You can review your answer also.

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