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With more than 790 million unique visitors per month worldwide, YouTube can offer access to both current and potential customers, bringing efficient media targeting capabilities to you and your advertisers.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has established itself as the world's largest video sharing community.

Advertisers don't have to have video inventory to advertise on YouTube.

YouTube supports a wide range of ad formats and targeting options.

There are two ways to place ads onto YouTube. Auction vs. Reserved Media Buys

---------------- is part of the Google Display Network and allows you to bid for ad placements with Google's auction, just as you would for placements on partner sites.

If you have a display ad, then your ad is also eligible to show

With a Promoted Video your ad can show on:

Reserving placements on YouTube is beneficial for advertisers who want to pay a fixed price for a specific placement.

Number of times a Click-to-play video ad was played divided by the total number of impressions.

View-through conversions: Number of users who were exposed to the ad and later converted.

In order for this View-through conversions metric to be available, you must have AdWords------------------ installed.

On Schedule Indicator (OSI): The percent likelihood the campaign will deliver all impressions booked.

Click Through Rate (CTR): number of time the ad was clicked / number of time the ad was shown 25% viewed, etc: Number of users who watched 25% of the way through a video ad.

With more than 400 million videos watched on mobile devices every day, is the #2 video-viewing website in the world (right after YouTube itself).

YouTube Mobile ( is the #1 video viewing mobile website in the US according to Nielsen, with 7.1 million unique monthly users.

According to Insight Express, mobile display campaigns outperform online display campaigns in boosting key brand metrics.

--------- let you see how many people viewed your ad on YouTube Mobile for a full day.

With an ad on YouTube Mobile’s homepage you reach a truly significant audience - 13M monthly users in the US alone.

Roadblocks are not available across all mobile devices.

InStream video ads run when Android YouTube app users play a video from a premium inventory partner.

YouTube InStream appears within the Android YouTube app and

Ad formats available for reservation include:

Choose CPV bidding if your advertiser wants to:

Interstitials are interactive ads that appear within an app.


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