Adwords Certification Help Test - Search Fundamental Advanced Exam

Broad match modifier - close variations but not synonyms or related searches

------------ million references to ad extensions per account

------------- display ads per ad group (includes image ads)

low-carb diet plan - Ads may show on searches for:

You'll generally achieve a higher Clickthrough rate (CTR) with

Which is Correct

Your account is associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information.

Is it possible to track invalid clicks in our account statistics

How Google determines landing page experience

Google calculate Quality Score - Which is not true?

Which is true with Google ad extensions?

Who shouldn't use Dynamic Search Ads

Who should use Dynamic Search Ads

If your display URL is longer than the maximum character length, google

You'll be charged the lowest amount that's necessary to win your ad position on the page.

Ad position is determined by your

Opputunies provide us information about

Auction insights can be viewed for

----------- tells you how often you and another advertiser received impressions at the same time for this keyword.

Auto targets option include

------------- can count multiple conversions for every ad click. This type is useful for measuring conversions that are valuable every time they happen such as online purchases.

-------------- counts only one conversion for every AdWords ad click resulting in the behavior within 30 days. If a customer clicks an ad and then makes multiple conversions, only one conversion is counted using this method. This type is useful for measuring conversions that count once per customer such as leads or sign-ups.

Performance graph shows clicks and impression details.

With AdWords Editor, you can:

It's not currently possible to use automatic bidding with the following campaign types:

You can also use ............ to help track the performance of your keywords.

Product ads come in two ad formats

Quality Score does not affect

Mobile devices with full internet browsers, such as Android devices or iPhones, can be targeted with more accuracy than desktop computers or laptops, so targeting down to 1 mile/1 kilometer is possible.

We suggest setting a minimum radius of ---- miles/--- kilometers for your location target.

If your actual conversion rate turns out to be lower than the predicted conversion rate, your actual CPA may exceed your Max. CPA or Target CPA bid.



---- million active or paused ads per account. ------- million keywords per account - allowed

------------- active ad extensions per account allowed.

Which does not come under Display network

Traffic rate decreases after enabling Conversion Optimizer

If your average CPA is higher than you prefer, you can lower your bid, which will likely decrease both average ------- and the number of -----------------

If your actual conversion rate turns out to be lower than the predicted conversion rate, your actual CPA may exceed your maximum CPA bid.

The Conversion Optimizer isn't available for

Product listing ads are available in a limited number of countries

The U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Only here

Dynamic Search Ads ----------- show your ad based on the content of your website.

Your campaign must have received at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days in order to be eligible to enable the Conversion Optimizer feature.

When you begin using the Conversion Optimizer, it's best to start with the ----------------- bid to help ensure a smooth transition to your new bidding mode.

If you're consistently hitting your budget...

It's possible to see a drop in conversion rate when you start using Conversion Optimizer because you're observing an average of the conversion rate across all clicks.

The Conversion Optimizer does work on

To begin using the Conversion Optimizer,

Your ads can appear on 404 Error pages only if you've selected the Google ------- in your campaign settings.

Google Search Network includes..

Using Editor, you can: Circulate proposed changes to other people and get feedback from them before you post changes.

The Google AdWords Application Programming Interface (API) lets developers build applications that interact directly with the Google AdWords server.

---------- is our easy-to-use AdWords URL-tagging feature. You can use ---------- with Google Analytics or your own tracking solution to get detailed data about each click on your ad.

You can ----------- your data to see how often your ads have appeared on the top of the page, on the side of the page, and on the bottom of the page.

Ways not to set your max CPC bid

How to decide what CPC bid amount to set

A CPP bid must be at least $1.00, which is the minimum per-call fee.

AdWords uses your CPP bid (Cost-per-phone call bidding) and your Quality Score to determine your Ad Rank.

More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States. Google’s network reaches 80% of these potential customers. You can target potential customers by neighborhood, city, state, or country. AdWords is available in 38 different languages and 250 countries.

Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase.

AdWords Discounter - is a feature built into AdWords that will charge you the lowest possible CPC while still maintaining your position for each keyword. So even if you set an ad group maximum CPC of US$1.00, you won't necessarily be charged this full amount for every click. Your actual CPC (the amount you actually pay per click) is often less than the maximum CPC bid you specify for your ad group or keyword.

Smart Pricing - is a feature that automatically reduces the price advertisers pay for clicks if our data shows that a click from a Content Network page is less likely to result in a conversion. This means that if our smart pricing system predicts a particular Content Network page is likely to have a low conversion rate, we will automatically reduce the price advertisers pay for that click.

Google consider the Google domain being used (.fr, .de, .kr, etc.). If a user visits, the Google domain for France, she'll see ads targeted to France, regardless of her current location.

We analyze the actual search term the user submits on Google to determine when to show ads targeted to a specific region or city. If someone enters a search query that contains a recognizable city or region, we may show appropriate regional or custom-targeted ads. For example, if someone searches for 'New York plumbers,' we may show relevant ads targeted to New York, regardless of the user's physical location.

When possible, we determine the user's general physical location based on their computer's Internet Protocol

Use the Funnel Visualization report to identify where you are losing visitors on the path to conversion. This will show you where visitors lose interest and where there may be good optimization opportunities.

Website Optimizer, is also an excellent tool for improving the effectiveness of websites and landing pages. It automates the testing process and shows you which content will result in the most conversions. Because Website Optimizer is a free tool, using it to discover better performing content can dramatically increase your sales without increasing your spending.

Site Overlay report is helpful. It will reveal which links visitors click on the most on any page.

Google offers two essential tools for optimizing websites and landing pages: Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

There are three primary elements of quality to keep in mind when optimizing your site: Relevant and original content, Transparency and Navigability.

An easy way to identify performance changes in your account is to create --------- for the metrics you want to


Optimized ad serving tries to show all the ads in the ad group more evenly, regardless of which one has the best CTR.

Rotated ad serving tries to show your higher performing ads more often than the other

ads in your ad group.

Direct-response advertisers can target their most cost-effective ad rankings. Brand advertisers can make sure their ads run only in the most visible positions.

----------------- can help you better target your ads by selecting the times when you want to show ads.

You set the maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) you want to pay for a sale or lead, and the tool adjusts your CPC bids to get you as many profitable clicks as possible.

By using the advanced mode in ad scheduling, you can automatically increase your CPC bids during times that are most profitable for you, and decrease your bids when it's less important that you appear in a high position.

The cost for each conversion should be less than the amount you receive for that conversion.

which is the true performance gauge for your placements and Content Network performance.

With automatic placements, your --------------- will determine which placements on the Content Network will show

your ads.

Automatic bidding campaigns may not use ad scheduling

Search Network only - Standard Features: Do not support Advanced settings at Campaign Level

Product listing ads and Dynamic Search Ads comes under

Mobile Apps and Remarketing comes under

Dynamic tracking URL is available only in

Incorporate different ad formats into your ad groups to entice a user to visit your website.

To target serious buyers, you might not try using keyword phrases that include

Keywords are not case-sensitive.You do not have to include punctuation such as periods, commas, and hyphens.

Avoid including duplicate keywords across different ad groups and campaigns.

Use this tool to test changes to your website's landing page to see which is most effective in improving your conversion results.

The "Search terms" report and Search Query Performance report allow you to see every search query that triggered your ad.

Sites that are attractive, easy to navigate, and informative tend to be more profitable and get higher landing page quality scores. You might also consider using

In general, a CTR over 1% on Google is very good.

Website types to advertise with caution - If you choose to advertise one of these website types, be particularly careful to adhere to our landing page quality guidelines -- especially the rule about offering unique content.

Types of Websites That Receive Low Landing Page Quality Scores

Does not Ensure better Navigability.

To request personal information.

If your site automatically installs software, be upfront about the installation and allow for easy removal.

Avoid altering users' browser behavior or settings (such as back button functionality or browser window size)

without first getting their permission.

Pages that act as an intermediary, whose sole purpose is to link or redirect traffic to the parent company

For calculating first page bid, Quality Score doesn't consider the ad or search query, since this estimate

appears as a metric in your account and doesn't vary per search query.

For calculating a keyword-targeted ad's position, landing page quality is not a factor. Also, when calculating

ad position on a Search Network placement, Quality Score considers the CTR on that particular Search Network


A Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search query -- that is, every time your keyword has

the potential to trigger an ad.

For search results, relevance is automatically determined by many factors, including Google's patented

PageRank algorithm.

The higher your Quality Score, the higher your ad will be ranked and the lower your costs will be.


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