Adwords Test for GAP Exam Tryers - Part 2

Incorporate different ad formats into your ad groups to entice a user to visit your website.

To target serious buyers, you might not try using keyword phrases that include

Keywords are not case-sensitive.You do not have to include punctuation such as periods, commas, and hyphens.

Avoid including duplicate keywords across different ad groups and campaigns.

Use this tool to test changes to your website's landing page to see which is most effective in improving your conversion results.

The "Search terms" report and Search Query Performance report allow you to see every search query that triggered your ad.

Sites that are attractive, easy to navigate, and informative tend to be more profitable and get higher landing page quality scores. You might also consider using

In general, a CTR over 1% on Google is very good.

Website types to advertise with caution - If you choose to advertise one of these website types, be particularly careful to adhere to our landing page quality guidelines -- especially the rule about offering unique content.

Types of Websites That Receive Low Landing Page Quality Scores


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You can review your answer also.

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