Adwords GK Review - A True Test

More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States. Google’s network reaches 80% of these potential customers. You can target potential customers by neighborhood, city, state, or country. AdWords is available in 38 different languages and 250 countries.

Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase.

AdWords Discounter - is a feature built into AdWords that will charge you the lowest possible CPC while still maintaining your position for each keyword. So even if you set an ad group maximum CPC of US$1.00, you won't necessarily be charged this full amount for every click. Your actual CPC (the amount you actually pay per click) is often less than the maximum CPC bid you specify for your ad group or keyword.

Smart Pricing - is a feature that automatically reduces the price advertisers pay for clicks if our data shows that a click from a Content Network page is less likely to result in a conversion. This means that if our smart pricing system predicts a particular Content Network page is likely to have a low conversion rate, we will automatically reduce the price advertisers pay for that click.

Google consider the Google domain being used (.fr, .de, .kr, etc.). If a user visits, the Google domain for France, she'll see ads targeted to France, regardless of her current location.

We analyze the actual search term the user submits on Google to determine when to show ads targeted to a specific region or city. If someone enters a search query that contains a recognizable city or region, we may show appropriate regional or custom-targeted ads. For example, if someone searches for 'New York plumbers,' we may show relevant ads targeted to New York, regardless of the user's physical location.

When possible, we determine the user's general physical location based on their computer's Internet Protocol

Use the Funnel Visualization report to identify where you are losing visitors on the path to conversion. This will show you where visitors lose interest and where there may be good optimization opportunities.

Website Optimizer, is also an excellent tool for improving the effectiveness of websites and landing pages. It automates the testing process and shows you which content will result in the most conversions. Because Website Optimizer is a free tool, using it to discover better performing content can dramatically increase your sales without increasing your spending.

Site Overlay report is helpful. It will reveal which links visitors click on the most on any page.

Google offers two essential tools for optimizing websites and landing pages: Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

There are three primary elements of quality to keep in mind when optimizing your site: Relevant and original content, Transparency and Navigability.


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