Adwords Test for GAP Tryers

Your campaign must have received at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days in order to be eligible to enable the Conversion Optimizer feature.

When you begin using the Conversion Optimizer, it's best to start with the ----------------- bid to help ensure a smooth transition to your new bidding mode.

If you're consistently hitting your budget...

The Conversion Optimizer isn't available for

If your actual conversion rate turns out to be lower than the predicted conversion rate, your actual CPA may exceed your maximum CPA bid.

If your average CPA is higher than you prefer, you can lower your bid, which will likely decrease both average ------- and the number of -----------------

Traffic rate decreases after enabling Conversion Optimizer

It's possible to see a drop in conversion rate when you start using Conversion Optimizer because you're observing an average of the conversion rate across all clicks.

The Conversion Optimizer does work on

To begin using the Conversion Optimizer,


This is a multiple choice test.
Click the Start Test button below to start.
A question and the possible answer choices appear. Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question.
Use Next and Back buttons to move on to the next or previous question in the test.
There is no negative marking for wrong choices selected.
After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard.
You can review your answer also.

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