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1:1 ratio in Mendelian genetics is
monohybrid cross ratio
monohybrid backcross ratio
monohybrid test cross ratio
none above
The phenomenon of Incomplete Dominance was observed by
de Vries
none above
The segregation of the paired genes occur during
interphase between two meiotic divisions
metaphase of first meiotic division
anaphase of first Meiotic division
none above
One of the contrasting form of character is said to be
all above
A testcross is done to find out
the genotype of an individual by examining the phenotypes of its offspring from a particular mating
the genotype of an individual for testing for its DNA content
Whether a mating is fertile
Whether two species can interbreed
Mendel started his experiments with pure strains of peas. A pure strain was developed by removing all
female plants
male plants
Atypical plants in each generation
weak plants
Independent assortment means
separation of characters of one parent
non-separation of characters of one parent
combination of parental characters
separation of parental characters
The main reason for the success of Mendel was that
he made statistical analysis of the offspring
he first took only one character at a time in his crosses
he kept pedigree records
he selected pea plant
If it is imagined in pea plants that genes for controlling seed coat color and shape are present on the same chromosome very closely; performing dihybrid experiments with these characters Mendel couldn't have been able to arrive at the idea of
Independent assortment
incomplete dominance
a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3
a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2
a-1, b-3, c-2, d-1
a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1
a-3, b-1, c-4, d-2
What would be a complimentary sequence GATTACA?
Identify the pair of nucleotides which are joined by 3 hydrogen bonds in double stranded DNA
Haploids are more suitable for mutation studies than the diploids. This is because
haploids are reproductively more stable than diploids
mutagens penetrate in haploids more effectively than is diploids
haploids are more abundant in nature than diploids
all mutations, whether dominant or recessive are expressed in haploids
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Genetics is a field of biology that deals in heredity and variation in living things. All living things inherit different traits from their parents . The idea is being used since prehistoric times to improve crops and animals through selective breeding. Modern genetics was set into action with the work of Gregor Mendel from the mid-nineteenth century. The physical basis for heredity as we know now are the units of inheritance called genes.



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