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DNA polymerase III can initiate the synthesis of DNA with the help of
RNA primer
DNA polymerase I
In prokaryotes the lagging strand is primed for 1000 nucleotides but in eukaryotes it is pruned for
2000 nucleotides
20 nucleotides
5000 nucleotides
200 nucleotides
Short 5' to 3' daughter strands formed an lagging strand are called
small strands
new strands
Okazaki fragments
Okazaki strands
15 : 1 is the result of F2 generation in
duplicating gene
complementary gene
lethal gene
supplementary gene
The F2 ratio of complementary gene
9 : 3 : 4
9 : 3 : 3 : 1
9 : 7
15 : I
When one character is controlled by two different genes, it is called
duplicating gene
complementary gene
lethal gene
supplementary gene
The result of F2 generation in recessive epistasis is
9 : 3 : 3 : 1
9 : 3 : 4
15 : 1
12 : 3 : 1
Unit of distance between genes on the chromosomes is
The best evidence that crossing over occurs at four strand stage of chromosomes come from
4:4 Ascospore arrangement of Neurospora
2.2:2:2 ascospore arrangement of Neurospora
studies in meiosis in maize
studies on linkage maps of
chromosomes of Drosophila
How many possible phenotypes are there for ABO blood groups?
Which of the following Mendel's law has not been proved to be true in all the cases law of
Independent assortment
all above
On basis of Independent assortment and physical basis of inheritance what actually assorts independently?
Sister chromatids
homologous chromosomes
heterologous chromosomes
different genes on same chromosome
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Genetics is a field of biology that deals in heredity and variation in living things. All living things inherit different traits from their parents . The idea is being used since prehistoric times to improve crops and animals through selective breeding. Modern genetics was set into action with the work of Gregor Mendel from the mid-nineteenth century. The physical basis for heredity as we know now are the units of inheritance called genes.


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