English Grammar through Formulas: complex structures Online Test

Where's Tom? I'm getting worried about him.

I'm not used to ........ like that.

Heavy smoking is likely ......... her cancer.

My friens's new car ....

The new ring road .... long ago.

The decorator .......... the payment for refurbishing the house.

The reactions of the rats ...... by scientists.

He said strange things! He must .....

If the guard ....., the museum ....

This button .... in any circumstances.

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Do you feel that coursebooks always give examples to easy sentences and there are more complicated ones in real life?

If you view structures of English grammar as formulas, you can simply add them up, and you get a perfect sentence. How? This is what you can learn and practice in my course.


English  Grammar

Rita Antal
Experienced ESL and Business English teacher
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