Computer Graphics - 2 Dimensional Online Test

if a circle is scaling only in one dimension the it becomes

If scaling and translation is represented by S and T then what is the result of applying translation following by scaling to a point P?

x= a * square of ( t ) and y=2at is the parametric equation of

In Mid point circle algorithm if a is the radius of circle then initia start point for scan conversion is

Using mid point ellipse algorithm which of the portion of the ellipse is scan cvonverted first of the following

In Breshenham Line generation algorithm , the initial value of decision parameter usually taken as p, then when solpe


In a Triangle wih Vertices (0,0,0) , (1,1,1),(1,-1,2) what is the z value of point in the triangle wit x=0,y=1

Which one of the following tranformation the matrix {{1,4},{6,1}} will result in to

Using Mid Point algrothim of the circle with radius r =10, which one of the following will be the value the decision parameter

Reflection of a point about X axis followed by a counter clock wie rotation of 90 degree is equivalent to reflection about


This test contains the objective questions based on the concept of 2 D. there are 4 option and any one option is correct you have mark the correct answer . I hope this test will be useful to you to clear the concept of 2 d. Please attempt these questions and provide the feedback about the test.

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