Meteorology Quiz #1 5.01-5.04 Online Test

What is the composition of the atmosphere?

From the standpoint of weather, what is the most important component of the atmosphere?

What are the principle properties of the atmosphere?

Name the layers of the atmosphere, in order outwards from the surface of the earth.

In which layer of the atmosphere does most of the weather occur?

How high does the troposphere extend?

How does temperature change in the troposphere?

What is the ICAO standard temperature at sea level for North America?

What is the ICAO standard pressure for North America?

What does the term "lapse rate" mean?

Which of the following cloud types is an example of a high cloud?

From which of the following clouds would you be most likely to experience precipitation?

Which of the following is an example of a cloud of vertical development?

Which of the following terms, used as a prefix, indicates a stable cloud?

When reporting the amount of clouds in the sky, meteorologists imagine that the sky is divided into 8 parts (called oktas). If clouds cover 3 oktas of the sky, how is this reported?

If the cloud coverage is reported as "overcast", what does this mean in oktas?

Which of the following is another term for an area of low pressure?

Which of the following is another term for an area of high pressure?

Which of the following terms is used to describe a nuetral region between two highs and two lows?

Buys Ballot's Law describes how to find an area of low pressure. Which of the following is true according to Buys Ballot's Law?


This quiz is the first Meteorology Quiz. You can attempt it after you have completed classes 5.01 to 5.04. It covers material taken from these classes on the topics of heating and cooling of the atmosphere, pressure, moisture, stability and instability, and other.

Try to complete the quiz without reference to your notes to get the best indication of how well you know the material. Many of the questions have explanations that will be visible after you complete the quiz.

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