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What is the function of the part of speech ADVERB, in a sentence?

In what TENSE is the following sentence written?

The students had had a wonderful experience at Coney Park

The word APPRENTISHIP is spelt incorrectly, select the correct spelling from the options below.

What part of speech is the word, CLANDESTINE?

Which of the following options is closest in definition of the word CLANDESTINE?

Mrs. Simpson writes you a letter regarding the house she intends to sell you, which of the following best describes the style of writing she is more likely to use?

What part of speech is the word AM in the following sentence: I AM THIRSTY

Every sentence MUST include a certain part of speech for it to be completed, which is it?

What figure of speech is identified in the following sentence: The deafening silence really got to me"

Identify the grammatical error in the following sentence:

"Here i am, the last man standing".

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