MATLAB for Financial Engineering Class 1-2 Test

Concatenation as an english word means?

Which learning studied in class 1-2 is going to help you create graph

Which is not a common group of things we learn in MATLAB R for this course

Array has

What does MATLAB stands for:

Which of them in not common thing that we do in Computational Finance

Which of them is least likely of our intrest in the learning

What would x=[0:5] result ?

How do MATLAB differentiate between row and columns

MATLAB in its mathematical style looks closer to


This test is based on L earnings of Class 1 and 2 of the course.
Passing Score is 70%
Beta Version

Intro to MATLAB
Data entry in MATLAB
Comparison with R SAS
Intuitive understanding of what can be done and what are we going to do
Data inputting into matlab
Array matrices vectors
Basic manipulations

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