Oracle Basic test

display all the information about "emp" table.

list the employees details who joined before 1981

list the emps who are either "clerk" or "analyst" in the desc order.

display the emp names starting with 'S' .

get the employees list whose earing morethan 8500/month.

list all the emp whose name ends with a.

select emp who doesnot get any commision.

List all distinct salaries.

create or replace procedure demo_proc

( empno in number)



select empname, salary,job from emp where employee_id = empno;

end demo_proc;

why does this code fail to compile?

for i in 1..10


abc = i;

end loop;

how many times does this loop executes?

insert into emp(ename,salary,city,phone)

values('some name',salary,city_name,number);

what is the datatype for all columns respectively.

fill in the blank below

1. declare 2. var1 number (9); 3. var2 varchar2(10); 4. begin 5. var1:=12345; 6. var2 := 'Hello All';

7. begin 8. var2 :='Welcome' ; 9. dbms_output.put_line(var1); 10. dbms_output.put_line(var2); 11. end;

12. dbms_output.put_line(var1); 13. dbms_output.put_line(var2); 14. end;

what is the value output at 9,10,12,13 respectively?

fill in the blanks


v1 table_name%_______;

v2 table_name.column_name%____;

select first_name from emp where first_name ____ 'SA%';

procedures has ___ modes of parameter, they are.


A simple iq online test. Basic sql test online. I hope you'll enjoy while taking this test. Very basic knowledge is required to take test. And also you can review your score at the end of each test. Good to test your skills all the time, you'll enjoy this test. its very simple and easy to answer.



insert into
name',salary,city_name,number);what is the
datatype for all columns respectively

for this question you are mentioning passing value as 'city_name' then it should be in varchar/varchar2. but you are mentioning the answer as number. check and update.

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how to debug a plsql procedure/package.

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