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Which country is the third largest producer of Steel in the world?
Santosh Trophy is related to which sport?
Who has won Women's World Chess Champion 2008?
Lrina Krush
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Dronavalli Harika
Monike Soko
Which of the following is the main regulatory authority for insurance companies in India?
The Global Non-Violence Day was observed on which of the following days?
26th January
2nd October
14th November
15th August
Global warming is a matter of concern amongst the nations these days, which of the following countries is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world?
In which Country winter Olympics 2014 will be held?
Who was the first non Congress Party prime minister?
Morarji Desai
Indira Gandhi
Charan Singh
Dr.Manmohan Singh
Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Long Walk to Freedom'?
Laxmi Sehgal
Pervez Musharraf
Nelson Mandela
Benajir Bhutto
PIN Smart Card is called:
Personal Index Number
Personal Identification Number
Permanent Identification Number
Permanent Index Number
The ‘Cost-push Inflation’ is caused by: I Increase in the Cost of Production II Increase in the Money Wages without a relative increase in Labour Productivity III Higher price charged by producers in the Monopolistic and Oligopolistic markets
I only
II only
III only
II and III
I, II and III
With rapidly increasing prices, which kind of Inflation sets in?
Normal Inflation
Creeping Inflation
Hyper Inflation
Demand Pull Inflation
Worst Inflation
Which term is used to describe the rise in the Real Output with a rise in Price Level?
All of the following are related to Inflation except:
When prices rise to cover increased factor costs, Cost Inflation sets in
Inflation results in redistribution of Income
During Inflation, issue of new paper money worsens the situation
An increase in the supply of money results in Inflation
The decline in the value of money leads to Inflation
What is the population of India?
More than 1 billion
More than 2 billion
98 crores
less than 94 crores
According to central statistics organization which among these states is having highest development rate for the year 2008-09.
Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Indomi-table Spirit’?
Dr. Manmohan Singh
Mr. Natwar Singh
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Justice K. G. Balakrishana
The name of Tanya Sachdeva is associated with which of following games?
Long Jump
None of these
Which of these foods is Vitamin A?
Cheese, Flour, Bread
Peas, Banana, Orange
Butter, Papaya, Carrots
Yeast, Milk, Curd
The Central Bank undertakes the primary function of:
Providing for maximization of profits of its shareholders
Assisting the development in industry and Commerce
Assisting the development efforts of the Government
Declaring and executing the Monetary Policy
Narrowing the export-import gap
The term used for persuasion of banks to adhere to the Federal Reserve’s policies and desires is:
Moral Values
Moral Suasion
Open Market Operations
Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Margin Requirements
Which of the following does not get categorized under the functions of the Central Bank?
Organizing the Money and Bills Market
Representing the country in International Monetary Conferences
Maintaining the stock of a country’s Foreign Exchange Reserve
Collecting and publishing statistical information related to banking
None of the above
The Federal Reserve can decrease the Bank credit by: I decreasing the Bank Rate II increasing the Bank Rate III decreasing the Cash Reserve requirements
I only
II only
III only
I and III
II and III
The feasibility of the Central Bank’s Bank Rate Policy depends upon:
Sensitivity of Commercial Bank’s demand for funds from the Central Bank
Interest Rate Structure in the Money Market
The extent of dependence of the Commercial Banks on Central Bank for loans
Overall Supply of funds in the market
All of the above
Deflation is beneficial for: I Salary earners and Pensioners II Debtors III Equity holders
I only
II only
III only
I and II
II and III
Which of the following head is not adversely affected by Inflation?
The holders of short-term Treasury Bills
Commercial Banks
The holders of long-term Treasury Bills
Salary earners
A business firm which has taken huge loans in the past to finance plant expansion
‘Demand – Pull’ Inflation can result from:
Increase in Cost of materials
Increase in Interest rates
Increase in Investment
Decrease in Money Supply
All of the above
An Inflationary Gap arises when:
The Consumption and Investment spending exceeds the full employment GNP level
People demand more goods and services than that can be produced
The National Income, Output and Employment can’t rise further
Scheduled Investment exceeds the Full Employment Savings
All of the above
Which term is used to refer to the Inflation caused from an increase in the credit money?
Semi- Inflation
Credit Inflation
Credit Policy
Devaluation Inflation
Over Investment Inflation
A typical example of a liability of Commercial banks is: I Current Accounts II Balances with the Central Bank III Deposit Accounts
I only
II only
III only
I and III
II and III
The Cost of Credit is the:
Interest paid on it
Collateral Security
The loss of Principal
Expenses incurred on the credit document
The credit extended
Who gave the statement “Bank does not create credit out of air”?
Cairn Cross
If the bank increases the amount of Loans or Overdraft to the public, it increases the:
Real Wealth of the Nation
Income earned by the borrower
Purchasing power
National Debt
Bank Notes
Which of the following factors determine the size of the bank’s Portfolio? I The economic conditions II The Bank’s Reserves III The total amount of Deposits and Liabilities of the bank
I only
II only
III only
I and III
II and III
One important Quantitative Monetary tool with the Federal Reserve is the:
Moral Suasion
Open Market Operations
Credit Rationing
Margin Requirements
Regulation of Consumer Credit
The Central Bank performs all of the following functions except:
Acting as the banker to the Government
Acting as the lender of the last resort
Acting as a Clearing House
Accepting Deposits from Commercial Banks
Accepting Deposits from the general Public
When the Central Bank purchases securities in the Open Market Operations, the credit:
contracts by a greater amount than the purchase amount
contracts by a lesser amount than the purchase amount
expands by a greater amount than the purchase amount
expands by a lesser amount than the purchase amount
Remains the same
The Central Bank exercises a number of selective controls to control credit. These do not include:
Minimum Down Payments on Consumer Loans
Maximum Down Payments on particular loans
Margin requirements on purchase of securities
Maximum period of repaying consumer loans
None of the above
For an AP with first term u and common difference(, the pth term is 15 uv more than the qth term. Which one of the following is correct?
p = q + 15 (
p = q + 15 u
p = q + 14 (
p = q + 14 u
If a, b and c are three positive numbers in an arithmetic progression, then:
ac > b2
b2 > a+c
ab +bc < 2ac
ab+bc > 2ac
If A is a non-null row matrix with 5 columns and B is a non-null column matrix with 5 rows, how many rows are there in A (B ?
A firm decides to discontinue an account with Bank A. the bank handles INR 500000 collections per day in return for a compensating balance of INR 400000. The company plans to open two separate accounts in Bank B and Bank C, each requiring a compensating balance of INR 400000 with the reduction in Processing time by 3 days. The amount of savings or funds released due to change in the accounts is: (2 marks)
A bank pays 16 per cent and compounds interest quarterly. If INR 10000 is deposited initially, how much will it grow at the end of 5 years? [(1.04)5 = 1.217], [(1.16)5 = 2.011], [(1.04)20 = 2.191], [(1.16)20 = 16.367] (2 marks)
All of the following limit the ability of Commercial Banks to create credit except:
Ratio of Cash Reserves to Deposits required to be kept
Rate of Interest
Amount of Cash with the bank
The cash which the general Public wants to hold with itself
The Liquidity Ratio required to be maintained by the Bank
The Bank Rate is the rate at which the Commercial Bank: I borrow from the Central Bank for a period of more than five years II lend money to their customers for a short term III get rediscount facilities from the Central Bank
I only
II only
III only
I and III
II and III
The Reserve Ratio is determined by: I the Commercial Bank II the Monetary authority III the Market forces
I only
II only
III only
I and II
I, II and III
The ‘Unit Banking’ system could be found in:
None of the above
The term Credit Creation refers to:
The processing of multiple credit papers
The development of new schemes of credit
The accumulation of more credit
The grant of credit by one bank to the other
The creation of a greater amount of credit through the actual deposits by the banks


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