Geographical Quiz -World Online Test

Which country in the world is close to Antartica ?

Name of the only island of the Austrailia is.........

Capital of the Peru is......

Capital Of Ukraine.....

Name the capital city of Austrailia.

Take the odd one out

ROME is the capital of.........

Which is the smallest country in the world?

Which of the following country NOT belongs to Asia ?


This is the quiz that contains the questions about geography of the world. There are simple questions asked in this quiz. So dont afraid Enjoy the quiz

This quiz I created to share some of my knowledge about the geography of the world. As I typed earlier this quiz is so simple.
You can give the answers of the questions in less time.

I bet you'll enjoy this quiz.



sarah khan

i can't understand 9 Q?? COUNTRY NOT belong to ASIA?TURKY In Europe according to tourism and according to world geography in Middleast.... ZAMBI in AFRICA in centerel africa.....SAUDI in middleast ....... only CHINA in ASIA......THREE countries are not belong to ASIA so what's you mean to asked???//

3204 days 23 hours 52 minutes ago

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