MCTA - Module 1 Online Test

What is name of this trading strategy and

Is it right or wrong and your analysis also

Bollinger Bands provide you with –

Volume should be considered a –

The head and shoulders pattern is -

The head and shoulders top pattern has -

What statement is true of reversal patterns?

An ascending triangle pattern is usually -

An uptrend channel line may not be –

At a resistance level –

If you draw an up trendline between two points, and the third low point does not touch it –

You should use a weekly chart to –

If the real body of a candlestick is white, it means –

The bar chart shows the following information –

A line chart provides information about stocks for –

An intraday chart is used for -

Which of the following is not a criticism of the Dow Theory?

Which of the following is not a tenet of the Dow Theory?

Which statement best describes the Efficient Market Hypothesis –

Check Trend of below price chart action

Fundamental Analysis is not good for -

Technical Analysis involves the study of -


Test Module 1

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