IBPS CWE 2nd Online Test

Deposition of calcium carbonate in water is called
Which of the following botanists provided the first scientific proof that sap from a diseased plant could induce the mosaic disease in healthy tobacco plants?
Adolf Mayer
Which of the following organisms, in 1943, caused the ‘Bengal famine’ in which several lacs of people died of starvation?
Helminthosporium Oryza
Puccinia gramini tritici
Xanthomonas citri
Protomyces macrosprus
Atmospheric sulphur dioxide, soluble in water, is carried back to earth in rainwater as
Weak sulphuric acid
Weak hydrochloric acid
Weak nitric acid
All of the above
Who among the following was the first man to see bacteria and yeast with the help of his crude simple microscope?

full form of cbs in c means


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