Vocabulary test 1.3

I met the most ________ person yesterday.

My friends will never _________ me.

My classmates don't ______ if they fail the test, I cannot fail!

The teacher gave me a __________ yesterday to speak to the class. I was very excited.

Students love to ________ for high grades. Business love to ________ for more business.

My team at work want to ________ me to come to the party.

Our family can always _______________ each other in times of trouble.

There is a rising problem with _______ in schools all over the world. In some parts of the world, police ________ the schools to search for ________ .

My friends and I always look out for _________ . That is what ________ is all about. Never _________ on your friends and family.

If you don't _______ anything, you will not get ______.

I hope my boss does not ________ that I did not finish the project. If he does I might lose my job.

If you _____________ with the wrong people, you might get into trouble.

If you do something wrong, don't _______, tell your parents and maybe they will understand.

My parents give me a ________ before I go to school. My best friend is ________.

I want to __________ you to a picnic in the park, it will be really nice if you _______ us.

If you _______ that your taecher or boss made a mistake, don't be afraid to tell them.

If you tell a _______, I will always find out, _________ me.

I ________ that if we play as a _________, we could win the game.

I am busy tomorrow, I will _______ the invitation to Dekel's party. It is always good to tell the ________.

I ________ if my friend will be _________ if I tell Mom her ________.

It is a warm day and I feel good, I really want to ____________.

My homeroom teacher is a very ________ person. She understands what children need to feel good at school.


Level - Beginners + ----- Subject - Relationships
Fill in the correct word or words in the sentence. All of the vocabulary used is about relationships. Sentences and words we would use friends' classmates, team members and describing people. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks to my students who learn and need to practice their vocabulary.

David Dubb
Experienced ESL and High school English teacher.
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