BIodiversity Act was passed in

Which is a 3rd generation Vaccine

Baroplilic prokaryotes are

The ploidy of gymnosperm endosperm is

Which of the following has DNA

In cycas pollinatoin takes place in

Portugese Man of War belongs to

With the increase in the level of dissolved oxygen

Fed Batch technology is used in

Large woody vines are found in

Which of the following can cause coagulation at the site of its introducion

Angiotensinogen is secreted from

How many additonal ATP molecules are needed in C4 cycle compared to C3 cycle

Pusa Komal is a variety of

Which of the following ds DNA sample has the highest melting point

How many contrasting charecters of pea pods did Mendel select

Botanical garden is an example of

Which has the highest refractive index

Which of the following immunoglobulin can cross placenta

If kidney fails to functon, which of the following conditions occur

Rachet movement is a type of

Persons suffering from having abnormally large RBC without haemoglobin ie, (anaemia) are adviced to take

Who introduced Green revolution in India

Maximum number of transgenic animals present are

Which of the following muscle is indispensible for running?

Name the 21st amino acid

Which of the following is a platelet aggregator?

Tendocalcaneus is

ECG can detect all except

Knee joint involves the participation of


With the NEET arriving at system so late in the course aspirants may find it difficult to cope up.This test helps you to get a taste of the exam you have to face.70% odd score here will be considered as very good for the course.Anyone scoring more than the 75% stands a good chance of scoring very well in the mains.

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