Software Manual Testing

Which is the traditional model of SDLC?

Who is collecting the requirement ?

In which model testing starts in early stage ?

Which is not the type of testing?

White box testing is done by whom?

Which is not the functional testing?

Testing the data flow or interface between two features is known as

Which is the most preferred method of testing ?

In which testing environment is similar to the production environment ?

The testing environment should be similar to production environment means-

In Testing environment, who is involved in installing the software ?

A piece of software which is copied, unzipped and installed at the testing server is known as

- is a piece of software which has only modified programs.

Testing the functionality of an application continuously for a particular period of time is

Testing the application to check how well it recovers from crashes or disasters.

Which testing is done by user ?

Testing the basic or critical features of an application before doing thorough testing or rigorous testing is called as-

Developing the application for multiple languages is called as-

Testing done for format specification according to region/country is called -

Which of the following is a functional testing-


This test consist of basic theory of manual testing. Topics included are- SDLC, types of testing, test cases, test plan, functional and non-functional testing. There are 30 questions in the quiz. To clear the test score should be atleast 20. You can prepare software testing by software testing BIble, which is easily available in the market.

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