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Which layer is responsible for data translating?

End-to-end conectivity is provided from host to host in

In OSI model, which of the following layers transforms information from machine format into that understandable of user?

Which Layers of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user?

The _________ layer decides the location of synchronization points.

The ________ layer is the layer closest to the transmission medium.

In the ________ layer, the data unit is called a frame.

Decryption and Encryption of data are the responsibilities of the ________ layer.

Dialog control is the function of the ________ layer.

Mail services and directory services are available to network users through the ________ layer.

Node-tonode delivery of the data unit is the responsibility of the _________ layer.

Which topology feature is a point-to-point line configuration?

In a _________ link, the only traffic is between the two connected devices.


Network Fundamentals
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Dialog control is a Session layer function or presentation layer function?

2514 days 13 hours 20 minutes ago


End to End connectivity is provided from host to host in Network Layer or Transport Layer.
I think host to host(end to end ) is network Layer
process to process is Transport layer

2514 days 13 hours 23 minutes ago

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